Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes

  • (Planar imaging) #8 Reference image analysis did not work.

  • (Catphan) #9 Unable to save results to the database because of an error in the passing of variable to html.

  • (Winston-Lutz) #10 The Winkler diagram was wrong. For gantry angles 180 and 90 the x axis inversion was not taken into account.

  • (plotly.jy) Plotting in certain situations did not work in Chrome. Removed “scattergl”.

Version 2.0.0

QAserver has been renamed to pyqaserver and is now part of PyPI.

Version 1.1

Bug fixes

  • (Winston Lutz) #2 With Use Pylinac? checked the clip box option did not work.

  • (Winston Lutz) Non-integer angles for Pylinac are now rounded to integers.

  • (General) #3 It was not possible to collect anonymized images from Orthanc because date/time were empty strings.

  • (Catphan) #6 Fixed how LCV tolerance is applied.

  • (Picket Fence) #7 Red cross is now showing Pylinac’s CAX, that is the center of the image shifted by the XRayImageReceptorTranslation.

Winston Lutz

  • Added the option of selecting images within a series.

  • Changed the colormap for image display so that the BB is more visible on low contrast images. Users can choose from several mpl colormaps.

  • Added image numbers when Use Pylinac? is checked so that it is possible to follow Pylinac’s ordering.

  • Changed how EPID dots are shown on the scatter plot. Now they are relative to the field CAX, instead of the BB.

  • Users can now disable yellow dots on the scatter plot.

Image Review

  • Added colormaps.

  • Added a dot on the profiles that follow the crosshair. Also, crosshair position and pixel values are printed in a separate table.

  • Changing window/level now also changes profile plot ranges.

  • Added the option of calculating pixel value histograms.

  • Added pixel value data for current mouse position.

Planar imaging

  • Changed the colormap for image display so that the ROIs are more easily seen. Users can choose from several mpl colormaps.



  • Location of the database folder can now be defined in the configuration file.

  • Added several search options.

  • Added histograms for error distributions.

  • Prettytable module is no longer used to produce HTML strings, Pandas is used instead.

Picket Fence

Bug Fixes

Web server

  • Added image description. The text is copied from RTImageDescription Dicom tag from the last instance in the series.

Version 1.0

The initial release.